Filming Studio Hire

Our filming studio is open, and you can book now!

If you’re finding it hard to film your videos at home, then hiring the filming studio at Harness Creation could be exactly what you need. The best thing is, our prices start at only $35 an hour!

Our filming studio has all the equipment you need: studio lighting, a RODE microphone, and a Sony ZV-I camera on an articulating arm so you can film from whatever height or direction you need.

The filming studio has three different backdrops – white canvas, black canvas, and grey canvas. Please keep in mind that our studio is small, at around 6 square metres. It’s perfect for 1-2 people.

Our filming studio is very versatile, and can be used for a wide range of videos such as:

  • Beauty videos
  • Reviews
  • Tutorials
  • Exercise tutorials, such as yoga
  • Vlogs
  • Small commercials
  • Product shoots
  • Documentary interviews.

Booking your session at Harness Creation is as easy as saying lights, camera, action!

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