Photography Set and Studio Hire

If you’re looking for somewhere for your photography, then look no further.

At Harness Creation, our mission is to give anyone the opportunity to hire a studio. We provide space and privacy at affordable prices, giving you the chance to focus on what you do best – create.

When hiring a photography studio, you have three choices: outdoor sets, indoor studio, or a photo booth for your small products.

You can use the outdoor sets at Harness Creation for anything you want. Instagram photos, product shoots, promotional pictures, or maybe you want to remember a special day. You might even be a professional photographer, looking for a place for your next shoot!

The photography sets at Harness Creation are funky and unique. We have a beautiful outdoor courtyard, featuring four different sets.

Our prices are just $50 per hour, for access to the entire courtyard. Up to 10 people can be in the courtyard at once.

If you’re a professional photographer or model, or you would like private access, please contact to discuss alternate pricing.

We also have an indoor photography studio, for those who need a more controlled environment.

The photo booth is designed for people who sell small products. The booth is easy to use, and has four plain cyclorama backdrops. But if you want some variety, we have some vinyl, and some props, too!

Anyone can take a picture at home, but the bold will come to Harness Creation.

We recommend that you bring your own camera, but you can hire ours for an extra $10 an hour. If you need a model, bring them along too. You can get in touch with us if you have any questions or need assistance!

Don’t worry about anything else, though! We have lights, reflectors, some props, and of course – the beautiful scenery.

Scroll down to see the different sections in the courtyard. Booking your session at Harness Creation is as easy as saying cheese!

Quadrant 1 – Sweet Swing

The first set available for hire features a beautiful swing. It hangs above the stairs, wound with beautiful flowers and greenery. The swing sits in front a set of pink double doors, tucked inside a little porch.

This quadrant also includes a cute brown crate, converted into a bench seat. It is decorated with flowers and greenery, making it a romantic little love seat. There is also a vintage lamp post, giving the space Parisian vibes.

Quadrant 2 – Bubbles and Joy

The main feature of Quadrant 2 is the restored claw foot bathtub. A beautiful net is draped over and around the tub, surrounded by greenery. The tub is perfectly capable of being filled with water if you wish – though please note that it is cold water.

Also included in this quadrant is a vintage concrete sink, sitting in front of a bright and happy yellow fence. It is decorated with props for an old farmhouse vibe.

Quadrant 3 – Lazy Days

The third quadrant is a small cubby, decked out with an air of royalty. It has a beautiful reclining chaise lounge, featuring gorgeous golds, reds, and browns.

Quadrant 4 – Rainbow Pods

The final quadrant has a brand new deck and cubby, with a gorgeous white finish and a natural, earthy feel.

It’s extremely versatile, and perfect for anything.

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