Photography Studio and Sets

At Harness Creation, there are four different photography spaces that you can hire. You can hire each space individually, or there is even an option to book the entire courtyard, for added privacy.

Indoors, we utilise the same space as the Filming Studio. We have professional studio lighting, and four cyclorama backdrops – black, grey, white, and white with pastel yellow flowers. When photographing small to medium sized products for your business, we also have lightboxes and small sets that were designed with you in mind!

Outside, we have four different sets. There’s an outdoor bath, a sweet swing – but I won’t give anything else away just yet! Each has customisable props, too.

Anyone can use our Photography Studio and Sets, for any purpose. Maybe you need some new shots of yourself for your social media, maybe you create something small and amazing like jewellery and want to take pictures of your creations, or maybe you need content for your online store. Whatever it is, we can help.

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